teaching tolerance

I’ve written for some books, magazines, newspapers, and websites, and visited a lot of libraries. Once, they let me be on NPR. Kind of. If anything amazing like that ever happens again, or I have deep thoughts about umami or tomatoes, I’ll probably tell you.

I share another blog, Words We Women Write,  www.wordswewomenwrite.wordpress.com  with an epic writer and friend,  Patty.

Need me to write something for you? Drop me a line.


The Absolut Truth About Me


This writing thing? It’s a carnival all my own. The Biggest Little Show on Earth. Step right up, Lady. I can take a chance, try my skill, test my strength, guess my own weight, or end up a sideshow curiosity. I travel from place to place, thanks to my MacBook; admission to the blank page is free. I’m my own entertainment. 🙂 There isn’t any calliope music but I do crank out a few tunes on my piano, making up lyrics as I go. Food and beverages? Yep, got those. Deep-fried candy bars and fried dough? I keep hopin’.

I’ve got all my original parts and, by and large, I operate trouble-free. And like the Ferris wheel on the Midway, the writing is just plain fun. It’s been a thrilling ride since the day I invaded, er, was invited into The Writing Group of Two. Patty and Ronnie said ‘Oh come on, join us on Friday afternoons’. What? My TGIF-and-Absolut Afternoons? I whined, kvetched, groused, grumbled and gave in. We had ‘our table’ at Hannah’s, drank coffee and ate cookies the size of dinner plates. We sipped Prosecco to celebrate the good times and left when Hannah turned off the lights. But mostly, we read our writing to each other. The stories drew us together; the writing until wee hours on Thursday nights did not disappoint. As teachers, we have the language skill and literary foundation. The wheel and engine, in Ferris-wheel-speak. But what we were able to construct, just like that bridge maker George Ferris, is larger than anything we imagined. We are the beams, struts and supports for each other.

And all of it inspired the confidence that led to The Audacity of Submission. Rejections? I’ve got a folder. A big one. But I’ve also got a list of published work that will live here as a reminder that this traveling amusement show ain’t over yet.


“If I shoot at the sun, I may hit a star.” P.T. Barnum


Newspapers: The Christian Science Monitor, Hartford Courant, Waterbury Republican, Senior Voice, Happy Times, Northern Light, Auto News

Magazines: Weston Magazine, New Hampshire To Do, Heart of New Hampshire, Family Fun, New Hampshire Magazine, Good Old Days, Reminisce, Teaching Tolerance

Journals/Publications: Writers on the Rise, Women on Writing Newsletter, Writer’s Digest, Passager, Binnacle, Still Crazy, Italian Americana Cultural and Historical Review, Greenprints, Boomergirl, Aethlon, Euphoria, Yesterday’s Magazette, Square Table, Boomer Women Speak, UK Travel, Ditchwitch, Smokin’ Keyboards, Trail Runner, Homeschooling Horizons, Viatech, Stonyfield Farms, Hither and Yarn, Good Old Days

Awards: Erma Bombeck Global Human Interest, S. Portia Steele, Henry David Thoreau Society, Binnacle

Miscellaneous: NPR Colin McEnroe Show, Bushnell Theater, JCC Annual Book Festival

Anthologies: Poetry of Marriage, Poetry of Relationships, Silver Boomer Anthology, Birth Anthology


Thirteen Random Things About Me


  1. My given name is Anthonia. Not anybody’s first choice. That would be Anthony. That last critical syllable got changed in the birthing room, much to the dismay of my grandfather.
  2.  I’m an only child of parents who were past mid-life when I was born. They didn’t adjust their lives much so I got to shuffle through antique stores and scuff around gravel pits a lot. Disneyworld? The Atlantic Ocean? You’re kidding, right?
  3. My Aunt Phil was a bookie and my cousin Lenny was the head of the steelworker’s union in That State that’s famous for political hijinks. (Hmm, doesn’t narrow it down much, does it?) Aunt Phil made a mean marinara. And Lenny, he didn’t have to walk on steel beams or stand atop high-rises during construction – ever.
  4. I never went to camp. I didn’t learn to swim. Which was never an issue anyway. (see #2)
  5. If it couldn’t be made in a Dutch oven, Mom didn’t make it. And no one else could either. Our kitchen was a closed shop. I love kitchen gadgets and gizmos and all things culinary. I went to France to cook with Michelin chefs but still can’t eat foie gras.
  6. I recognize chocolate as a food group. You’ll find it in the trapezoid at the bottom of my pyramid.
  7. Regrets, I have a few. But that’s the Unbearable Lightness of Being Me. I’ve had sixty-one Januarys of joy and luck. How good is that.
  8. About that luck – In high school, there was a bomb scare during midterms. The test period was shortened, so I didn’t have to translate the last section on the Latin IV exam into English. Thank you, caller, you saved my a**.
  9. I like to pass cherry-red Ferraris on the Amalfi Drive, Bugattis on the Lake Como road, and RV caravans on the interstate.
  10. I am a devotee of http://www.freecycle.org, enriched by the opportunities to reuse and recycle stuff with like-minded folks.
  11. The sound of glass clinking on marble is music to me. There’s going to be fine wine at dinner tonight. Not Black Box.
  12. Give me anything bobbing in garlicky butter. Julia does know best.

Hold onto your escargot….there’s plenty of mental crumbs left on the plate.



4 thoughts on “About

    1. THX! I just read the WP post about trying out new themes, even ones you think you wouldn’t like….so many choices.
      But this is yet a baby blog. I share a blog with another writer, now that one really needs updating.


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