John Christ and Diner May 07 038

Elegy for the Littleton Diner

Bette Davis came here in 1941,
to Eugene and Stella’s place,
for her world premiere of The Great Lie
and nursed a raspberry-flavored lemonade at the gleaming silver counter.

Nostalgia hangs out by the cash register ~
a first date,
the malt after the school dance,
the rumble of the glass-pack on a 57 Chevy,
muscle shirts and polka-dot bikinis,
ducktails and bobby-sox,
red-ribbed seat in a hot-rod convertible.

You can order up a North Country Burger and a slice of America,
drop an affable one-liner,
stay a while,
take it easy.
And in the back booth,
you can almost hear Eugene and Stella having a high old time of it.





One thought on “elegy for the littleton diner

  1. I really enjoyed this piece! It seems with the hustle and bustle of today’s fast-paced society, we don’t really value the time it takes to sit down, chat amongst neighbors, and enjoy an actual meal anymore … heck … most folks I know don’t even eat at a dinner table anymore …


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