Happy Birthday

We go to shop in the city. You dress me in lacy anklets, hair ribbons and MaryJanes. We carry patent leather purses (mine holds a little grass toad) and wear white gloves to afternoon tea. You light a Salem and blow smoke in my ear, like a secret. . You teach me how to bake … Continue reading Happy Birthday


. Hiss Off! : A Sonnet Rows of tomatoes planted on hillsides remind me now of the boy who threw snakes. He made the cats howl, he riled up the drakes and spooked the old nag that took me for rides. He made it a sport; he tormented me by tossing a snake headfirst at … Continue reading HISS OFF!


…. There’s an obstacle course in Times Square ~ unopened cardboard boxes clog narrow aisles, broad-shouldered parkas jam crowded racks, platoons of shoppers forge through an Everest of military paraphernalia in Kaufman’s Army and Navy on 42nd Street. Don’t scoff at the possibilities in this slightly unclean bazaar: bazooka bags and military vests, medals from … Continue reading THE TREASURES OF 42nd STREET

  An Ode to the Sweet Potato   Oh, potato, my sweet, you’re downright Felliniesque. Your subtly varied flesh reminds me of Maddalena, whose dark sunglasses concealed a bruised eye. Such understated beauty, you’re heaven on a fork. Like a yam, some may think? Mai, not in this dolce vita. E cosi ~ another culinary … Continue reading

boomer women, we…

“To know how to grow old is the master-work of wisdom, and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living.” Swiss philosopher, poet, and critic Henri-Frédéric Amiel in 1874. Boomer Women, We… …want to fan the flames of our inventive genius and rummage in optimism’s closet. …want to build safe harbors … Continue reading boomer women, we…

history of love

    History of Love In Tinnis on the banks of the Nile carved on walls of ancient temples, we are at play. I admire the orderly progression of your stroke, the rhythm of your swing, the unpredictable flight of the bounce and soft drop at my feet. Face closed over the ball, wrist and … Continue reading history of love


      Dancing I look across the room and find you, head held high, learning what it means to hesitate, to move your feet the way a mason scores stone. With tentative steps you move in the line of direction, a touchstone between the joy and the fuss. Now your hand settles on mine. … Continue reading dancing

the weight lifter

      The Weight Lifter Fluorescent light glares down through air tinged with sweat. The woman straddles the bench, resting between sets. My boyfriend moved out, she says. She lifts with effort and extends her arm. I study the ceiling. He never meant to hurt me. Her words are black and bruised and blue. … Continue reading the weight lifter

keeping watch

    Keeping Watch My mother lies with unblinking eyes, her backed-up plumbing a harsh betrayal, mouth open as if to speak, a knot of air tense between us. With eyes pearled cold, she stares at the open closet. Satin, taffeta, and flounces of organdy roost above the fabric of hospice care, like flamboyant birds … Continue reading keeping watch

love beyond poetry

The Girlfriend I can’t take it, she says, meeting on the sly, out here in the woods, away from town. Roots snarl my hair, leaves in my shoes, scratches all over me. Henry, peel me off this tree I am so Thoreau with you. ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””   I know, ouch.  I couldn’t resist.  But here’s the … Continue reading love beyond poetry

word lust

    Word Lust Esculent word by esculent word, ……….paraprosdokian ~ nodus ~ scurf I feast on them in poems, conversations, emails, tweets; ………..eleemosynary ~ frowsty ~ sockdolager wolf down the avalanchine tumble of jottings, I ………….corybantic ~ ripsniptious ~ subitize  pig out on on the pop-bang-boom of a bottle-rocket word, …………….foofaraw ~ bumf ~ schmegeggy … Continue reading word lust


Desiderio All the day I longed for Italia remembering the blue green sea. I thought if I could purchase Parmesiano from the grocery or drink Limoncello, tart and cold, to cleanse the palate and soothe the throat or eat aciuge, salty and bold, or read tales of Dante I could quote, Ah, then, I’d be … Continue reading desire

once upon a time

Charmed, I’m Sure I ride each day with my brother. We travel from hovel to hut, dawn to dusk, armed with a see-through shoe. Is there no end to the bunions, warts and hammer toes, calluses, corns and carbuncles? Oh the agony of de-feet.   Anchors Aweigh She sashays across the pier in Sweethaven, siddles … Continue reading once upon a time